You can play the card games at home, and even have fun at it, but shuffling cards at a casino is something else. It offers a unique experience, and at the same time, will offer a chance to make some serious money. However, the players will need to know the game. Though the rules are simple, the practice is important. So, in this regard, there is no space for a rush, but everything has to be planned carefully, and once you are confident, you can then proceed to gamble.

What’s the game?

Blackjack is also known as 21, and it’s for obvious reasons. The task of the game is to reach 21. However, the catch is not to exceed the 21. In this regard, the cards will carry values that need to be added up. The player is competing against the dealer and has to beat him.


As mentioned already, each card will carry the value that is to be added up. In this case, the face cards will carry the value of 10, the number cards will reflect the numbers on the cards, however, the ace will either carry 1 or 11. This will mean that you can use either of the values to help your game.


Only Chips:

You will play with digital money on the online casinos. In land-based casinos, the money will have to be exchanged for the chips at the counter. The table won’t allow you to use the money, instead, you need to place the chips. On many tables, you can get the cash exchanged after it has been verified.

How is the bet placed?

The bet on the table has to be placed before you are handed the cards. There will be a circle or a space in front of you where you must place your wager. In addition to that, you must know the betting limits of the table, so that you know the limitations. Besides that, there will also be rules and regulations of the game written on the table.

How are cards dealt?

The players and the dealer will receive two cards but in a separate style. The players will get two cards – face up, and the dealer will get two cards with face up and face down. The first card the dealer receives is face-up, and the second card the dealer receives ios face-down. Furthermore, you will need to be careful about the game lingo that needs to be caught. There is no verbal communication on the table, so you will have to make the proper gestures and use the terminology. This is also important to avoid cheating in the game, and for the cameras to see.


Blackjack is easy to play, but if one is ready to commit, then it’s the best game. It offers enhanced chances to make some massive wins, and take a lot of cash home. You will need a little practice and some experience to pin for the big bucks.

How to play casino Blackjack?

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